Italian Designer Jewelry, The Best in the World

Italy is home to the most popular designer jewelries. They are elegant, diverse, and full of passion. Italian designer jewelry traces back to a long tradition that dates back to the early centuries. Its craftsmanship is the best in the world.

Many of the influences in Italian jewelry designs come from religious ceremonies and family or social status. But what is most significant is that the vast reaches of Rome's power in the whole world in ancient times had a formative influence on the Italian artistic design. This shows itself in Roman glass earrings and Roman glass rings.

One can see traces of Egyptian, Greek, and Asian cultures in some of the classical designer jewelry. The impact of these ancient civilizations in designer jewelry is evident upon close examination of artifacts. The discovery of jewelry made during the Etruscan period in southern Italy show clear signs of the influence of these cultures on their artistic designs. But even in modern times, many of the techniques used in ancient times and were perfected by Italian craftsmen are still in use, because the jewelry designs then had no equal in beauty and brilliance.

A modern jewelry designer in Italy has adopted and revived the granulation technique used for gold jewelry during the Etruscan period. This approach to jewelry making infuses passion to the designs, and in some areas, their intense desire for beauty has turned into an obsession.

But gold has always been the metal of choice for Italian designer jewelry. Gold has its unique attractiveness being closest in color to the Sun, the powerful source of all life on earth, as it was seen in ancient times. Gold has its unique affinity to humans and his reverence for this precious metal has not changed in centuries. This is why the demand for gold Italian jewelry has not changed and there is always a high demand.

Italian sterling silver is also preferred by jewelry designers, next to gold. And there are designers who have chosen to work exclusively on sterling silver. They not only make design jewelry but body ornaments as well.

Gemstones are also in use in mystic jewelries, mystic quartz ring , and other forms of mystic body jewelry.

But whether it's gold, sterling silver, or gemstones, Italian designer jewelry is made with such passion and with the highest quality standards in terms of originality, uniqueness, and diversity.

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